Sunday, May 16, 2010

saya sayang mak saya :D

im looking forward now; huh; and i really agreed with this quotes that says; everthng happen for a reason; and i know that all these things wil make me grow more matured; insyallah; but sometimes instead of those things; i feel that i am alone in this world;
ya allah; help me ad please give me guide; i dont think i can be in this way alone; anyway i was grateful that i was given this chance to be in this world; i do love my mom; mrs zarina; very2 much; but i do know that Allah loves my moms ; and takes my moms go far2 away from me; uish; i do have to accept this fate; that was fated to happen in my life; insyallah; i'll be a strong person and make all around me; became proud of me; huh; let bygone be bygone yea;

life must go on; and i still have Allah by my side; always forever and ever :)

p/s; to all moms in this world ;) happy mother's day
to all teachers :B
skzainab2 ; skkem ; skpanji ; naim lilbanat ; kisas

selamat hari guru :D


Anonymous said...

you have to be strong dear.
must be. should be.
situasi kita sama, tapi ia tetap berbeza.
mungkin saya faham apa yang awak rasa, tapi saya bukan di tempat awak.
saya pun rasa macam yang awak rasa.
it hurts me. damn much.
but,as you wrote. life must go on.
keep on smiling. (:

mimi ; munir said...

tens kak jeed :)
memang menyakitkan
dan insyallah ia makin sembuh
huhu :B