Wednesday, January 06, 2010

terjiwang la pulak..

erm. rase da lame uh aku x post pape kat sini gle ke ape tetibe plak aku rase rindu die..ko da pegi jauh r. tak jauh mane pon senayer. tapi siyes, aku rindu gaban haha kat ko.. mimi ko ngah gle kot.
aritu de jumpe bende nih kt blog mem aku.. so. aku pon amek r. hehe

if u are ever going to love me
love me now while i can know
all the sweet n tender feeling
from which the true affection flows..
love me now while i am living
dont wait until i am gone.

if u are tender thoughts of me
why not whisper them to me
if u wait i am sleeping
never to wake here again
there will be wall of earth between us
n i wont hear u then
i wont need ur kinds word
when da gtass grows over my face
i wont crave ur loves
in my last low resting place
so if u love me a little bit
let me know while i am living.
so that
i can treasure it

p/s; syamimi amalina; ngah melayan glle;

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